CSX Gateway

The CSX Transportation or CSX gateway, a unit of the CSX Corporation, owns about 21,000 route miles. Currently, it operates the CSX Railroad in America. The railroad serves the East Coast, as well as Ontario and Quebec of Canada. Lately, it proposed the National Gateway, a planned railroad that would improve rails connecting the ports in the mid-Atlantic seaboard and the Midwest. This will include upgrading bridges, as well as tunnels to create travelling convenience for tall freight trains.


Early start of the CSX gateway


The plan was conceptualized sometime before 2008. The plan has to be approved of public funding first for immediate execution. CSX has already begun with the development of the four terminals and if the funds are secured, the project can be completed after four or five years. The probable completion year is 2015.So what is good about this CSX gateway project?

csx gateway


The project, which is called the National Gateway will respond to the call of creating a vital link between the Mid-Atlantic seaports and some distribution points in the Midwest. The key freight rail corridors involved are those that are found between Baltimore and North Carolina via Washington, DC (i-95-i-81), between Washington DC and Northwest Ohio via Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (I-70/I-76) and finally that between Wilmington, North Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina (I-40/Carolina).


Second major purpose of the project is to create jobs. America, in its recovery stage, is now struggling to lessen the unemployment rate and to create jobs. This project, if successfully implemented, will surely produce jobs as it will call for human resources that will operate and maintain the outcome. The project promises over 50,000. This will then reduce the jobless population and contribute to the economic health. In addition to this, every dollar invested in the National Gateway returns $21 more to the public funds. On the particular subject of freight and railway transportation, this CSX gateway will solve problems related to heightened fuel prices, crowded highways and greenhouse effects. Basically, it boils down to aiding the government to promote economic growth and recovering from the recent downfall.


CSX gateway costs are spread out


As proposed, project costs will be divided among three factions. The Federal shall contribute $258 Million, the State shall give $191 Million and the majority shall be provided for by the CSX Corporation which amounts to $393 Million. The total sum of $842 Million will have to be gathered and be used to implement the project. It should be noted that the nation will be expecting $22 for every $1 of the public funds invested, according to the project promoters.


The proposal has made several organizations to have interest on the project, thus giving their support to it. The supporters include Evergreen, Wood County Economic Development Commission, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry and more. In addition, this is a national project that is supported by large state and national associations. Since this involves public interest, the organizing bodies are still open for public comments and opinions. At this stage, it is still spreading the probable benefits of the projects like CSX gateway.